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December 09, 2018
Counseling Services

Marriage Counseling

Marriage Counseling

What is Marriage Counseling?

Marriage is tough. Sometimes it's necessary for an unbiased person/s to help bring resolution to a problem or offer training and guidance for better communication. 

Marriage therapy can be helpful to couples who may be facing a wide range of challenges.

Every marriage is unique and the counseling techniques used will be customized for each couple.

Sometimes, we choose to employ a co-counseling technique for marital therapy. This would involve Kristi and Cliff Carden, both trained counselors, working with the couple.

We are pro marriage and family. Except in extreme cases of abuse, we encourage couples to resolve conflicts in a Biblically sound way while dealing with core issues.

Our purpose is not to just get a couple through the crisis, but to equip them to deepen their relationship with each other for a healthy and happy future. 

Marriage need a little help? Let's get started, contact me for an appointment. 

Call us Today - (864) 386-2017

Cost Per Session:

The fee per 50 minute session for marriage counseling is $80.00.  You may pay for this service through PayPal when you Schedule your Appointment.  You may also pay in person with check, cash or credit card.

Marriage Counseling appointments after 5 pm are $95 and are available on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday until 9 pm


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